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The Ids | Artificial Intelligence

When computer-controlled ids are included in a game, there are several levels of awareness that they can possess. Sometimes the player can choose how smart their opponent is, other times not. This can significantly change what strategies are needed and how a game is played. Each level of awareness contains the same abilites as the levels below it, plus some additional smarts.

Level 1 AI do not steer towards anything. They wander aimlessly, only flocking when they come into the range of other ids.

Level 2 AI will chase after a random enemy flock smaller than its own flock. They get confused at the map borders.

Level 3 AI will find a friendly flock to join forces with if the enemy flocks are all too big.

Level 4 AI can follow its targets across the edges of the map, instead of becoming confused and turning around.

Level 5 AI will chase the nearest valid target, rather than a random one.

Level 6 AI will keep its flock sizes at least as big as the enemy's. It can split off small hit-teams to eliminate straggling flocks.

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