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Influence is a unique, real-time strategy game by Blanket Fort Games. It uses natural algorithms, dynamically generated music, and a global metagame to deliver a compelling play experience. Play Offline (formerly Daydream) mode enables players to choose either a relaxing, zen-like experience, or a challenging and exciting struggle. Internet and LAN multiplayer (Play Online) allows friends around the world to play as allies or opponents.

Players begin by selecting an allegiance, a set of beliefs to align themselves with and support in the global metagame. The world can watch as Truth battles Secrecy, and Individuality battles Unity. In multiplayer team play mode, players with the same allegiance work together to control the field.

To win, players must guide their flock of ids through the bleak, surrounding smaller flocks, in order to influence ids to join their cause. Victory is achieved when all ids follow you. Since each player has a different color, every conflict results in a unique artistic expression. Typical games are over in less than five minutes.

Each id color is associated with a different instrument. Whenever an id is influenced, it sounds a note with its new instrument. With each conflict, a song is born, and the song of the game can be saved and replayed, allowing players to share their most exciting games, or even to compose unique works.

Blanket Fort Games is a new independent game studio in Ithaca, NY. It exists to push the boundaries of who gamers are and what gaming is. We strive to do something new with every game we make.

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