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The Ids | Physical Abilities

Every id has a core upon which its other abilities are built. This core has basic mobility and takes the minimum amount of time to influence. It also displays the allegiance and true color of the id. Neutral ids have no color or allegiance and only the most basic functionality. AI and Player ids can have stat-boosting elements that make them easier to steer, move faster, and/or harder to influence.

Agility makes an id more responsive – it improves turning and the ability to ease out of large neutral flocks. Agility is represented by the shapes added onto the id’s core. The more triangles, the more responsive the id is to the player’s cursor.

Resistance makes it harder to be influenced. Ids with additional resistance elements can take up to three times longer to influence than ids without. Resistance is represented by the pointed elements that orbit the id's core.

Speed simply makes an id go faster. Speed is shown by the number of small satellite spheres an id has; each of these tiny spheres produces a long, thin trail as the id moves.

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